Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund or swap my ticket?

If you bought the ticket from us (rather than directly from a host venue) then you can get a refund by emailing us at least 15 days before the gig at If we did not sell you the ticket then you need to contact the venue directly. Please do not contact us via social media about ticket refunds as we don’t monitor them that closely and can easily miss your message!

If you ask for a refund within two weeks, we will be unable to process this, unless the show is cancelled or postponed.

You are welcome to sell tickets you bought directly from us on to someone else, no need to tell us… Just forward them the email, or give them your name to use on the door.

Do you offer concessions for attendees over/under a certain age?

If you excuse our boldness, the traditional legacy model of ticket selling with full price and concession tickets is utterly broken. Many who traditionally qualify for discounted tickets using this model have considerably more economic privilege than those who would not qualify.

Instead, wherever we have control over the price of tickets* we choose to sell them in three price brackets: standard, supported and ‘pay it forward’. You can choose which type of ticket feels right for you, knowing that people who pay a little bit more subsidise the tickets of those who pay a little less. We know from other past data that this model works and is fast becoming best practice amongst the arts industry and social justice groups.

*sadly many professional arts organisations are not able/prepared to work with us using this model, yet. This will take time to change and where ever we can, we actively advocate and lobby for this model of ticket sales to be considered and adopted.

What ages is the show suitable for?

The show is not designed for kids although there have been both primary and secondary aged children who enjoyed the show a lot… *but* please please do not bring them along against their will!

The show is light hearted in many places and there is lots of singing, but we also discuss the Irish potato famine and other British colonial genocides plus the trading of enslaved Africans – so some strong words are used.

How long does the show last?

A normal show starts around 7pm and is two roughly hour long halves with an interval finishing around 9.40pm… if you are booking a taxi and/or planning for a babysitter then best plan for a 9.50pm finish just to be sure.

Will you come and perform at my local x y z?!

Thanks, we’d love to and have a dedicated page about how to book a show.

Can I see a recording of the show?

Whilst we did online zoom performances during the lockdowns and have some footage recorded of the show, we have chosen to not make this public. Three Acres And A Cow has evolved a lot over the last ten years and all of the herd bring different qualities to their performances, so any recording you saw would likely not reflect future shows. Having said that, there is a lovely ten second time lapse of a show which can be found here.

Do you do any work in schools?

One of our lockdown projects was starting work on Three Acres And A Calf resources. We have made some progress on this including an amazing series of Key Stage 3 lesson plans by the wonderful Geography Paul. If you would like to work with us to develop more resources, please get in touch. We have time, energy and potentially budget for this too.