‘Everyone should see this show’ George Monbiot

“Thank you for your wonderful work, I will be drawing on many of your online resources for teaching my political theory courses”
Professor LeeAnne Broadhead, University of Cape Breton, Canada

“What a brilliant way of energising people for change” Les Gunbie

“The show was amazing, thanks for your joy skill and stamina!” Liz, Reclaim The Power

“It was a privilege …truly refreshing to watch. I loved it”
Olivia Franklin, Folkestone Fringe

“I enjoyed the performance very much. It’s terrific that you are bringing a new audience to land rights issues and in such an energetic, refreshingly new way.”
Marion Shoard (author of This Land Is Our Land)

“Three Acres And A Cow’s research is informative and compelling, shining a spotlight on both current and historical issues. It has really helped my students to apply academic theories to real life examples and see the relevance and value of studying urban space.” Lisa Matera, University of Leeds

“Thank you for the work you are doing, it is important. Your visit led to a lot of constructive reflection by our folks, understanding the need both to be understood by others, and to understand others”
Alistair McIntosh (Galgael and author of ‘Soil and Soul’)

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Watching your show was the first time I’ve found history interesting. This is an important work. Scarlett Penn, WWOOF UK

“Thanks so much for coming to Frome. It was an amazing, enlightening and inspiring evening.” Anna Francis, Frome Town Council

I heard extremely positive feedback from everyone afterwards. Several people saying ‘that was excellent ‘ and to my relief my historian fiancé agreed! It was terrific to see the teenagers singing along too and I’m hoping they use their songbooks for further research.
Laura Wirtz, London Quakers

The show pieces together strands of our social history across the centuries in an engaging and entertaining way – and in plain English too!
It brings history to life leaving you thinking to yourself: Oh, that’s what it was all about! …and all this punctuated with glorious folk songs performed with consummate skill and ease.

Rev Dr Berj Topalian, St Monica Trust, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol

metal    ‘Playing to a sell-out audience, ‘Three Acres And A Cow’ managed to both educate and entertain.
This is an important narrative for our times and needs to be shared.’  Mark Richards, Metal: Peterborough


‘Your work is so needed, thank you for educating me and so many others about the history of land and struggle in this country, it’s woken me up to the politics of the ground beneath my feet.’ Hannah Lewis, Navigate

gs2‘Everybody should see this.’ Clarissa Carlyon, Creative Producer, Gillett Squared/Hackney Cooperative Developments


mp logo‘I am delighted that you are managing to energise people with what can often be a rather recondite subject.’
Vince Cable MP, Liberal Democrats

Abi kudos

ol‘This should be a national staple, a great antidote to history written by the victors. It will teach you to see the past and present of England in a whole new light.’ Ru Litherland, Organiclea

‘A splendid mix of fun, erudition, light touch information, a gallop through history and really engaging audience participation. I loved it!’ Joanna Watson, Friends of the Earth

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pap‘The show exposes the continuation of hierarchical injustice and the mobilisation of the masses against such inequality whilst at the same time being hugely informative and thoroughly entertaining – not one to miss!’ Tom Feeney, People And Planet

‘Reminds me why we need to be angry and why we need to be hopeful; everyone should see this at least once a year.’ Han Smith, People and Planet

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‘A powerful, thought provoking, informal but informed multi-arts performance that engages and entertains for all age groups.’
Anna Moulson, Creative Programmer- Revelation St Mary’s, Ashford, Kent

walthamstow twitter feedback

“We were really pleased. The show was praised at our next meeting and it was so good to see lots of new people here.” Pat Peters, Political Secretary – Wortley Hall

Leeds Tidal small‘Thank you so much for the wonderful performance! We’re all still humming the songs and a new land struggles network has come out of it.’
Laura McFarlane-Shopes, Tidal


‘The show was brilliant and really well received’

Vanessa Gayton, Epping Forest District Museum

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“What an amazing amount of joy you bought us all at Embercombe! We all went out for the day yesterday and were singing the songs over and over.”

Becks Scarrott, Embercombe, Devon

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“Wonderfully informative, creatively narrating some of the critical hidden truths from land based and social history that I wish I’d learnt at school. Thank you so much. I recommend everyone should see it.” Will Tooby, The Foldfacebook-messages-oxford

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