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Farmerama podcast from Oxford Real Farming Conference

There are some songs from our singers circle at Oxford Real Farming Conference 2016 on the latest episode #6 of Farmerama podcast…

It includes the wonderful Ed Hamer singing the Farmer’s ABC!

Do check it out http://farmerama.co/


BBC Radio 4 documentary on land – Cry Freehold

This is the first time I have heard the BBC highlight issues of land distribution seriously in a documentary and connect it with the housing crisis we are facing in the England.


Hugh Jones from New Listener has written a transcript of the show which you can now find here – http://www.newlistener.co.uk/home/cry-freehold-the-transcript/

Below is a youtube video of the show – I also have it on mp3 if it gets taken down from youtube and you are keen to hear it. drop me a line…

‘There is a housing crisis in many parts of Britain. But is land the real issue? Chris Bowlby goes to Oxford, where the problem is acute, to investigate.

He hears how a dynamic city can end up with virtually nowhere to build, how land prices help make homes so costly and how land shortage creates invisible victims.’